Meet the Ladies LABIES.

Magic like this doesn’t make itself!  It takes a dedicated crew of gals, burning the midnight oil to make it happen.  These gals handle all the ins and outs of JDA business.  Want to contribute?  Fantastic!  Hit us up at a show, or email us.

BioPicAmyAmy Eisenberg

In the mind of Amy Eisenberg, her humor is quite raw and truthful, too:

  • Her life- moms die, dads leave
  • Gender- undetermined
  • Sexual Orientation- I’m a faggot, faggots
  • Family values- government cheese…what, what?
  • Religion- open relationship
  • Height- can someone reach that for me.
At the age of 25 Amy tossed her couch into the back of her pick-up and got outta town (population 2000), hittin’ the interstate, Windy City bound. After moving to the city of bright lights Amy vowed to never look back. After 5 years of being a Chicago resident Amy Lynn Eisenberg found her reason why. “It doesn’t pay well,” she says, “but stand-up comedy is why I convert oxygen into carbon dioxide.”

Amy Eisenberg is a stand-up comedian, blah ba de blah, blah…she also does other gay things like play the ukulele. So stop being such a hate crime and come join the fun! More at


BioPicTamaleTamale Sepp

Tamale is a comedic rockstar who performs all over the dang place making the funny, setting things on fire, and showing her flawless breasts.  She is a graduate of the Second City Conservatory Program, IO Chicago, The Annoyance, has taken a ton of comedy workshops and classes, and has performed all over the world doing comedy and other rad stuff.  You can see her doing those rad things at  Comedy is her main jam and she’s freakin’ killed it at Zanies, Second City, Sidecar Bar Comedy Night, The Lincoln Lodge, Studio BE, 100 Proof Comedy, Performance Anxiety Chicago, Hydrate, Double Shot Showcase, HooHa Showcase, Ph Comedy Showcase, The Lincoln Loft, The Kates, Beastwomen, Chicago Women’s Funny Festival, Chicago Improv Festival, Sketchfest and a whole bunch of other places.  Currently she produces Brass Chuckles Comedy with a freakin’ rad group of people and combines her favorite friend circles in a multi-disciplinary comedy show.  This sparkle pony has a BS in Agricultural Education from the University of Arizona and an MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts and Media from Columbia College Chicago.  She is an *amazing* bio writer, rides a giant motorcycle with the gals at Organized Chaos Chicago, and will eat the ever-loving crap out of a jar of Trader Joe’s Cookie Butter wearing a fancy pants tiny hat.  Boom!


BioPicMarlaMarla Depew

Marla Depew taps into her sketch comedy background to create rich, wacky characters plucked from both real life and her own head, blending them with sharp observations that challenge conventional thinking. Because of this, her stand-up sets take on a storytelling, theatrical feel complete with physicality and expressive facial movements, whether she’s detailing notes she writes to herself or waxing philosophical about being the B in GLBT.

She is a graduate of the Second City Training Center’s writing program and has studied at iO and The Annoyance in Chicago. Marla has performed throughout Chicago and the Midwest at venues and shows such as Zanies, Laugh Factory, Second City’s Donny’s Skybox, Second City’s deMaat Theatre, The Lincoln Lodge, The Lincoln Loft, Studio BE, Stardust Showcase, Hoo HA Comedy, Performance Anxiety Chicago, and The Kates as well as at Chicago Women’s Funny Festival and Gilda’s Laughfest in Grand Rapids, MI. She is the producer of Laughs In The Lounge (formerly Sidecar Bar Comedy Night), a monthly showcase in Rogers Park. She is also a founding member of Cell Camp, a sketch troupe that’s performed at various comedy festivals throughout the country, including Chicago SketchFest, L.A. Comedy Fest, and Milwaukee Comedy Festival.

BioPicKristaKrista Atkinson

Krista grew up in Southern Illinois where the cows and corn are plentiful. As soon as she possibly could she got out of all that fresh air to pursue the life of a city gal. Krista received a BA in Theatre at Southern Illinois University performing in both plays and musicals, such as Katherine in “Taming of the Shrew,” “The Vagina Monologues”, “Parade”, and “Dracula”. She always knew she loved comedy, and after living in Chicago a few years, she signed up for an improv class at The Annoyance, which she LOVED! Here she met fellow JDA cast member Marla Depew. Since then Krista has trained in Improv at Second City, stand-up with Feminine Comique, and burlesque at Vaudezilla. The rest is history. You can’t get Krista off the stage now. She has performed at Laugh Factory, Zanies, Second City, Chicago Women’s Funny Festival, The Lincoln Lodge, Stage 773, The Playground Theatre, Hydrate, The Greenhouse Theatre, The Book Cellar with The Kates, The Underground Lounge, and the Upstairs Gallery to name a few. Krista is so excited to be part of the JDA cast because it is such a positive group of strong and passionate women! Krista loves her two cats and being single, which seem to go hand in hand. She enjoys high heels and Michael Bolton. Don’t let her classy outfits and heels fool you– she is a potty-mouth with some pretty brazen and brassy things to say!